How old is Villa Vista ?
We built Villa Vista over a 2 year period. It was completed in December 2011.

Is Villa Vista safe ?
We believe so. Although Dominica is generally speaking a very safe country, we built Villa Vista with safety and security in mind.

Is Villa Vista private ?
Yes, it is very private. It is located on a sloping hillside above Hodges Bay. No-one overlooks the villa.

Can we rent out part of the villa or do we have to rent all of it ?
We are very flexible about that, however it is not practical to rent just the master suite. You could rent the ground floor alone, or you could rent it together with the master suite.

Is there anyone nearby to help us out if we need it ?
Yes, Gwendy is our house manager. She will help you settle in and get oriented with the villa and the locale.

Do we need a rental car ?
Yes, you really do. We are not on a public bus route and, to be honest, the best way of exploring Dominica is to have your own vehicle. If you just plan on relaxing by the pool or walking down to the beach, then you don’t need a car, of course. But you would be missing out on Dominica. It is beautiful.

Can we bring our pets ?
No, sorry.

Can we bring our children ?
Yes, of course. But we would like to point out that the villa does have verandahs and a pool, so you must always be vigilant with children and infants.

Is the villa smoking or non-smoking ?
We prefer it if you don’t smoke inside – we like to keep everything as fresh and clean as possible – but we don’t mind if you want to smoke outside or on the verandah.

Do you pick us up and drop us off at the airport ?
No, sorry. But a taxi ride isn’t far, nor is it particularly expensive. Melville Hall Airport is just 20 minutes away and there are plenty of taxis.

Can we order some shopping to be ready for us when we get there ?
It is possible, just give us plenty of warning when you email us. We will, of course, add the cost of shopping to your bill.

Does Calibishie have shops ?
Yes it does, though they are quite basic. The nearest well-stocked supermarket is in Picard which is about 30 minutes by car.

Can you organise tours and guides ? How about restaurants and other things to do ?
We recommend an excellent book for all that: Dominica, the Bradt Travel Guide by Paul Crask. You can buy it from Amazon. Check out the author’s website for more details