Villa Vista is nestled on a hillside above the serene Hodges Bay on Dominica’s northeastern coastline. It is just a few minutes drive from the village of Calibishie and only 20 minutes from Melville Hall Airport which is to the south.

The north east is noted for its beautiful coastline. It has several white sand beaches, including Batibou Beach, Hampstead Beach (where Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed), Hodges Bay Beach, Pointe Baptiste Beach, and Woodford Hill Beach which is as picturesque and idyllic as any in the Caribbean. The coastline from Pointe Baptiste to Woodford Hill is noted for its unusual and very beautiful volcanic red rock formations. Take a sunrise or sunset walk to enjoy them in all their glory. All of the beaches are good for swimming and, because it is protected by islets and an inshore reef, Hodges Bay is great for families.

To the north of Villa Vista there are a number of pretty fishing villages such as Anse De Mai and Anse Soldat. There are also sugar and lime plantation ruins, including a water wheel, at the nearby Hampstead Estate. Follow the narrow Hampstead Ridge inland from the farming village of Bense and then hike down a short trail to the dramatic and picturesque La Chaudiere Pool. Meaning ‘cauldron’ or ‘cooking pot’ the La Chaudiere Pool is partly enclosed by tall dark rocks and the bubbles from the cascading waterfall give the impression of something cooking. Jump in and you’ll soon find that instead of a hot pot, this is a fabulous place to cool off and refresh.

Hiking enthusiasts can pick up the Wai’tukubuli National Trail at the village of Bornes. Segment 12 begins there and the hike across the foothills of Morne Aux Diables, through the historic village of Vielle Case, and along a coastline once settled by indigenous Amerindians to the hillside village of Pennville, is one of Dominica’s most scenic hikes. Located up a narrow river valley between Pennville and Vielle Case is the Bwa Nef Waterfall. Rarely visited, this unusual waterfall cascades down the sheer walls of a cavern.

A 30-minute drive to the west will bring you to the town of Portsmouth. Here you will find the popular Purple Turtle Beach, the Indian River (another Pirates of the Caribbean film location), and the Cabrits National Park with the historic and partially restored ruins of the Fort Shirley Garrison. A short distance to the south of Portsmouth is the community of Picard. Home to the Ross University Medical School, Picard is good for shopping and dining out.

About 30 minutes to the south of Villa Vista is the northern boundary of the Kalinago Territory. A semi-autonomous home to Dominica’s indigenous people, the territory is a fascinating place where traditional skills such as basket-making, canoe-building, and cassava bread-making are all commonly practiced. Within the territory are the Kalinago Barana Aute, an historic model village depicting how Kalinago life used to be, and Kalinago Touna Aute, near the village of Concord, where you can learn about how the Kalinago live today.

We urge you to rent a car when you come to stay at Villa Vista. It is by far the best way to get about and explore the area. We would be happy to suggest a couple of car rental companies to you when you book with us.